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                  C.T.B.Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a date stamp machine distributor. We also distribute the machine’s accessories, such as Solvent and Ink, Character set, Ink pad and Rubber pad that uses in industrial factory; Salt Industry, Sugar Industry, Flour Industry, Animal Feed Industry, etc. which can use bags, sacks, boxes and other packaging to proceed to the next process. No more issues with stickers falling off (in case of using stickers on packaging) and gives out clear printing.

  • Date Stamp Machine C.T.B.Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a date stamp machine distributor for industrial factory (ex. Manufacturing date, Expiring date, Lot production, Price, etc) on bags...

  • Machine’s Accessories SOLVENT FAST-DRYING INK Ink Pad Rubber Pad Character/Font Set

  • These are videos of how our machine works Automatic (working with filling nozzles) Manual (need pressing) Manual for Paper Box

  • For more details and information please contact us. C.T.B.Engineering Co.,Ltd. Address : 20/60-63, Moo 7, Nawamin Rd., Klong Kum, Bueng Kum Province : Bangkok ...
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